The Company | Soule Mobile

We build iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry Apps - and we do it well.

Soule Mobile Soule Mobile is an industry leader of iPhone, iPad and Android application development. Set in to Silicon Hills of Austin, TX we specialize in all aspects of mobility, mobile strategy, and application design.

Our approach is on shore, in house and outside of the box. In an industry whose standard practice is to outsource overseas, our programmers and designers all work under the same roof at our headquarters in Austin, TX. In addition to being some of the best and the brightest talent in mobile, they also understand our culture, and have their fingers on the pulse of the cutting edge.

The Development Process

It takes a village to raise a healthy app which is why client is assigned their own an account
manager, a designer, two developers, and a quality assurance engineer. Regardless of the
size, scope, or complexity of the project, all of our apps go through the same process.


1. Discovery
We will communicate with the you to define project goals, as well as compile materials for the
design process. We will work with you to understand your objectives and lay the ground work for
the development of your app. Once the discovery phase is complete, Soule Mobile will deliver the
full application architecture, storyboards, cost analysis, wire frames and even bring it to life with
some interface design. The discovery process allows for an accurate assessment on how the finished application will function and perform.


2. Application & User Interface Design
Our graphic designers understand how to paint the picture for a rich mobile user experience.
They will work with you to dream up graphics that will make your app truly unique. They are
also very good at collaborating with other design teams, collecting assets and ensuring that any
pre-existing branding guidelines are met.


3. Programming & Testing
The creation of functionality, user experience and flow prior to programming will allow our
developers to deliver a working beta of your app in a short time frame. Once this phase of
development is completed, your app will be put into extensive beta testing across multiple devices
to make sure that it performs to its fullest potential. You shouldn't feel left out, because you will be
a part of the beta testing process as well and can expect to have a copy of the app pushed to your
device (or ours) for your review.


4. App Store Submission
Once the app has gone through its final approvals, Soule Mobile will package and prepare it for
submission to the App Store. Typical approval time is anywhere from 7-10 days.

5. Maintenance, Reporting & Upgrades
The application will be continuously monitored for functionality and any bug fixes will be addressed
at no charge to the client ever. Upgrades can be addressed by building a custom maintenance plan
that will fit the needs of your particular app.